Sunday, 17 October 2010

Stafford - Tidy Triumph

Seen this a couple of times, really tidy Triumph sort of tracker.

Stafford Show - Bikes I could have happlily taken home

Nice A10 Spitfire with the same tank I'm using on my TriBSA but in chrome. Stick an all alloy T100 lump in there and it would be perfect.

I know nothing about this bike apart from I like it and it says Norton on the side.

Always fancied a M20, this one was up for £2250.

Single cylinder, rigid frame, girders, have to prop it up when parked.... proper old bike.

Stafford Show-XR750

Spotted on the Red Max stand, XR750 the real deal...

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Cheltenham Autojumble - State of the market?

I've seen people asking more for less...

Cheltenham Autojumble - Road going Injun shocker

Doubt this has ever even been near Springfield but that didn't stop passing jumble punters telling their mates 'that's one of them old Indians...'

Patent plate was a nice touch...

Cheltenham Autojumble - Cheap Nostalgia

Bloke said he wanted 40 quid, I said I didn't have enough cash and was about to suggest 25 quid when he said he'd accept 20 quid. Deal done.

If I had a record player I could dig out some shite old heavy metal, read this lot and pretend to be 18 again.

Friday, 8 October 2010

First visit to the Thekla

I lived in Bristol for years and never went to a gig in the Thekla. Now I've moved 40 miles away I decided it would be a good idea to start. Which is why I went straight from work in Swindon to Bristol for a night out.

First up was the support band (duh) I nearly wrote them off as just another crap punk band but either they got into their groove or I did and I came away converted.

Ladies and Gentlemen here, for your listening pleasure, I present The Computers.

Jim Jones Revue were the headline act. Good gig even if the lead singer appeared to have problems with the sound levels. Someones stuck a video of the gig up on the interweb...

Oh and when did I go from being one of the kids drunk in the moshpit to one of the old blokes watching from the back....

Monday, 4 October 2010

Prescott Hill Climb - Injuns

I like these...

Prescott Hil Climb - Aero Engined Special

Went to the Prescott Hill Climb yesterday. Good day out despite the rain. Mental car, stupidly large aero engine, chain drive, exposed valve gear... lovely. Seeing the driver wrestle it around the damp hairpin was a sight in itself.


I decided that I needed a blog for stuff I do outside my workshop. Bike shows, Hot Rods Events, Music etc.

Don't know how often I'll post depends on if I have something to say really.