Sunday, 20 February 2011

First Show of the Year

Made it to not one but two events today. Main one was the Bristol Classic Bike show which confusingly is held in Shepton Mallet. On the way there I dropped into a Bike Jumble at Bristol and met up with a bunch of people I hadn't met since the Hotrod Drags.

I then managed to persuade Stuart that a day looking at shite old bikes was better than a day doing shopping and housework so picked him up and headed off to the show.

This Triumph was on the Hill Climb Association stand.... I like it and think that Hill Climbing is something I might have a go at.

Picture is from Stuart as I had forgotten my camera.

The main reason I had gone to Shepton Mallet was to collect a load of powder coated parts from Nick at Griff's I'll be updating with details at some point.

The powder coating used up most of my cash so the only things I bought were the latest couple of issues of DiCE. I also met up with some of the Dirty Bobbers crowd which was nice.