Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Stafford Shite Old Bike Show

Went to the Stafford Classic Bike show. Weather was sunny. Birthday money was spent. Bikes were looked at.

This Triumph on the Amal stand was so pretty I even forgave the heat wrap on the exhausts..

8V Triumph was for sale, didn't dare ask how much

One of the Tritons there caught my eye

Vincent special (Egli?)


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Prescott Bike Festival

Went over to Prescott Bike Festival on Sunday. It seemed well attended considering it is a new event but I've no doubt it was aided by the good weather.

There was a nice mix of cars and bikes. This car caught my eye in th car park.

First time I've seen one of the new Nortons in the flesh.

Triumph 8V (Nourish?) hill climber

Ironhead sportster, I could see myself living with something like this one day (although I'd have to change the colour)